Thursday, September 04, 2008

More Fall Coats - The Mackage Edition

I've highlighted Soia & Kyo's winter line of coats. Now, let us turn our attentions toward their older (and more expensive) sister line, Mackage. Winter just ain't winter for me unless I get at least one Mackage. They're warm, well-made, and frickin' gorgeous.

Why not start with a puffer? This silhouette is gorgeous, which instantly eliminates that nagging fit issue most puffers suffer from. Simply beautiful.

Now this is clearly in the running. I need a short, brown coat that zips up (as beautiful as large, ornamental buttons are, they take up too much of my time) and this one fits at least two of the criteria. Check out that detail.

Another puffer. It's cute, but I'm torn. Another nice silhouette, but I'm sure this coat will swallow me. I'm just too petite for this.

This coat is so-so on the surface, but the back is bangin', sorta like a butter face.


AND they got leathers. I can say from experience that the leather is, in fact, heavenly.

Beautiful coats all around, but I'm feeling that the styles aren't really trumping what Soia & Kyo bring to the table ... for HALF the price. I don't know. Maybe I'll have a windfall and get them all.

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Anonymous said...

I was all set to get the Mackage Tara in plaid(2nd one down) and now you've got me obsessing over the fur trimmed puffer and I never look at puffers!... I am just drooling over that puffer..soooo gorgeous-I can't decide now Thanks!!