Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fashion Week (So Far)

Let's get my disappointments out of the way:

United Bamboo, I wasn't excited and do not anticipate buying anything from the collection. The look was more sober and restrained, more adult. The large geometric proportion they usually play with was much more tame this time around. I'm good.

Proenza Schouler? Mostly no. There were some interesting looks, but the wildly-sculptured shoulders on their glamazon doesn't wok for my man shoulders.

Now on to the others.

Vena Cava did more of the same, but it was same plus. Plus a longer skirt. Plus a hint of modest glam. Plus draping. Same pretty, interesting pieces in nice patterns or rich solids. Some of the dresses were quite beautiful. Case in point, I need this dress:

Jonathan Saunders? Loved it.

Herchcovitch is kinda back for me. Last spring, I wasn't at all excited about what he had to offer. For this upcoming spring, he has still included the signature wild pattern, but it's contrasted with a militaristic/safari edge. Interesting ... not great, but there are some pieces I'm interested in owning.

Diane von Furstenberg's aesthetic was decidedly flower-child-dipped-in-tropical-waters with her aggressively bright floral patterns and flower accents. It was weird because the show was pretty urban in the beginning but got progressively softer. Then, it took a quick turn at safari, swam the pool, and eventually ended up at the club. No matter what, her muse is all about her accessories.

You know I have to give it up for my sis-TAH Tracy Reese. She did what she does, pretty pieces that a range of women feel comfortable wearing. Some looks were underwhelming for me, too unadventurous or slightly off, but I'm sure people will like it.

I LOVED the Preen show. Sophisticated but not boring. Translucent fabrics, ruffles, geometry ... it all worked for me. The press, apparently, disagrees, but they can suck it.

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