Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Favorite Bobbys

It's February, which means we should be especially appreciative of black folks. Of my favorite Bobbys, I'm appreciative all year round. They bring me joy © Anita. However, some of you need to be put on. Consider this a gift, from me to you, wrapped in red, black, and green paper.

Bobby "Blue" Bland, born Robert Calvin Bland is the greatest blues/soul singer that people don't know. It's a shame too cuz the man is in his seventies and tours about as much as The Roots, which show he loves his fans. There isn't really a cute story that explains how he came into my life; I just pretty much grew up listening to him. My country-ass family (meant as a compliment) played him all the time. At every BBQ, family reunion, holiday, any occasion where music was warranted, Bobby backed us up. Years ago, he was a guest at the African Celebration of the Arts, the big festival in Washington Park, and I went. I was clearly the youngest person there, but the Bobby love was priceless.

Stormy Monday - The guitar solo makes you wanna slap somebody

Members Only - Standard Christmas music in my house

Little Boy Blue - Bobby broke this shit all the way down
DivShare File - 08 Little Boy Blue.m4a

I love Bobby Womack. He's made some of the best songs ever. He has that growl. His voice is rough but smooth. He knows that a "woman's gotta have it." There is no need for anyone to be deprived of his greatness. Partake, people.

Woman's Gotta Have It - It's true, she does

Across 110th Street - That's just too bad
DivShare File - 01 Across 110th Street.m4a

I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much

Last, my biggest celebrity crush ever. I have loved Bobby Brown since fifth grade. I would argue down any chick who dared put Christopher Williams or Al B. Sure on his level. Bobby had more swagger than all of them, and he made one of the greatest R&B albums of all time. For his marriage to that woman, I forgive him. Hell, I'm with her on the whole King of R&B thing, and I dare you to say anything about it (punk).

All Day All Night - One of his more slept on jams
DivShare File - 09 All Day All Night.m4a

Don't Be Cruel - Still not played