Thursday, June 25, 2009

What MJ's Death Teaches Us/ R.I.P. Mike

Look, I don't pretend to really know Micheal Jackson, but being a 30-year-old whose earliest musical memories were saturated with his glittery gloves and moonwalk and mega hits, it does feel some kind of way to have an icon this big gone.

I don't know what plagued Mike. I don't know why he chose to live his life as he did. As a result, I can't really speak with any type of authority on his motivations. I do feel safe, however, in saying that he seemed to be plagued by what our Judeo-Christian society usually identifies as "demons." Hell, his life certainly looked painful and lonely from the outside. All I can do is say "skip it" (edited for the children) and prance through this trying life with a beatific smile on my face just because. If I look like Charlie during the denouement of Flowers for Algernon, so be it. I'm not letting this world drive me to an early grave.

So what am I saying? I know my message-y post screams incoherent through the six pack of eisbocks I'm drinking. Well, I suppose I'm saying a little selfishness isn't so bad all the time. And I suppose that if you're a cross-dressing fella with a penchant for shiny black Louboutins, you shouldn't be ashamed of that. I'm a heathen. I don't believe in reboots, reincarnation or heavenly rewards. Enjoy what you can now cuz living for other folks won't make you any happier; it'll just give you a heart attack and allow people you probably don't like to spout some comforting lies at your funeral.

Now, to my musical appreciation. Some of Mike's finest moments. (And yes, I did buy the Invincible album; i got the orange cover, so there! I'm a bigger fan than you.)

"I Can't Help It"

"Baby Be Mine" -- My favorite song by him ever!


"Man in the Mirror" Monica and I wrote a parody of this in 5th grade.

"Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" The fam and I used to dance like hell to this 12" in the crib.

"Big Boy" The beginning.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

A quick update on my summer movie viewing and return to sewing

See It
Drag Me to Hell
Star Trek

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Terminator Salvation

Don't Bother
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Next Up
The Limits of Control (Isaach De Bankole is back!)
The Hangover
Public Enemies
Land of the Lost
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Also, The Deadliest Warrior provides some serious entertainment. This show pits historical bad-assess against each other and simulates battles in order to determine who'd be victorious. The season's over, but that means you have plenty of time to catch up. Sure, the simulations will probably upset you at times (I'm still mad that the ninja fell to the Spartan and the Yakuza to the Mafia), but the concept alone is worthy of a few viewings.

Finally, I've been sewing again. Check out Knit Deez for updates.