Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memories of Better Musical Times

i really feel for this generation. back in the days, we had better music. our talent had better songs, better lyrics, and were better looking. i mean, really, Weezy versus say Lord Jamar or Kane? no contest ... at all. Food & Liquor versus Midnight Marauders? please.

figured i'd take a look at a few seminal (for me) songs that still groove. why not? i have nothing better to do.

"yo, i know what you mean, son/i seen some blind, some deaf, some dumb." disagree if you will, but they made the best album out of the entire BCC, and that's not to take away anything from anyone else in the collective. Da Shinin' was simply perfect.

i looooooved N'dea Davenport in the early-90s. if i had had an idol, she would've been it--fabulous and talented. plus, the girl could dress like nobody's business.

sitting in earth science reciting Lord Jamar's verse over and over. Now THAT, my friend, is a memory. looking back, his verse is maaaad misogynistic ...."i ain't down with a honey who don't wanna submit/always throwin' a fit/wanna talk a lot of shit/ but love to get hit from behind"? that shit's not okay. he still fine, though.

A-Plus was always my favorite and still is. on souls of mischief's debut, i inadvertently learned all of his verses and just a few of the other guys'. as a matter of fact, one of his lines from this song ("wanna hear a joke? i'm you") became the foundation for one of the longest, lamest jokes my friend, monica, and i ever manufactured. it's wack, don't ask.

i'm done.

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