Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoes Glorious Shoes Pt. 1

So I've told you which coats to buy (me), now it's time for the shoes. Shoes are muy importante. They can turn an alright outfit into gold. They can make the most boring person slightly interesting. Yes, the shoes say it all (well ... they do say a lot). Below is a list that explains why I shall be eating curds and whey for the next six months. They're worth it.

First up is a shoe by my favorite new shoe designer, Chie Mihara. These are the very first that I decided to covet for the fall season. I'm sure you can see why. I mean, it's a mary jane (check), suede (check), and in that heavenly color. Best of all, they are guaranteed to be comfortable since Ms. Mihara's shoes always are.

Next up is a hideously expensive Prada heel that, paradoxically, is much cheaper than I thought it would be. This means, of course, that I will have them. I ... love ... them. The ombre coloring from black to orange is very Samhain but very necessary. The heel is fantastic. And can't you just imagine these with a thick winter tight and a layered sweater dress/turtleneck look?

Yet another entry from ole Chie. Their name is Oliver. They will be intimately acquainted with my feet soon. (That sounds so nasty and that's bad nasty not good nasty.) See how they shine?

Just cute for no reason. That ankle cuff? That asymmetrical strap? That's right, magic. I've always wanted a pair of Sigerson Morrisons. They look so comfy and precious. I'm thinking something more teacherly with these. Perhaps a check-patterned straight skirt and cardigan with exaggerated buttons.

Okay, so these are mad hobo, but I love them. These could easily carry my streamlined Oxford professor look. You know, turtleneck, sweater vest, cords, and blazer or tartan plaid trousers and argyle v-neck. God! I love thinking of outfits. U Roads makes these, and I've never heard of them, but they sure do have a winner on their hands.

And finally yet another pair of Chie Miharas. (I'm telling you, people, she's the truth.) Not much to say except that these are cute and my bright tights will love them.

These, ladies and gents, are my shoes picks for fall 07 ... so far. There will be more, so stay tuned. My consumerism knows no bounds.

Friday, September 07, 2007

My Authors Keep Dying

Rest in Peace, Madeleine L'Engle. Your Murry children books were some of my favorites when I was an itty bitty.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall's a Comin' ...

and I say that will all kinds of excitement in my voice. Of course, I hate cold temperatures and being uncomfortable, but I love love love shopping, being cute and all things purchaseable. I especially love coat shopping, so when I discovered that my two favorite coat purveyors had already rolled out the merchandise and were sold out, I got scared. I mean, who are these chicks, coming out the woodworks to purchase Mackage and Soia & Kyo coats anyway? I've been there out the gate, and I have to scramble and sign my name to waiting lists cuz some undoubtedly unfashionable chicas with money have the good fortune to read about them on some blog (oh, the irony). Oh well. This doesn't stop me from sharing.

Choice number one, the flyest impractical but stunning cape-like thing in life (I am a sucker for houndstooth.) There's still a chance; it's in stock.

Why is this already sold out? It was ninety degrees in Chicago today. Coats shouldn't be selling out yet. Either way, I must have this coat. It's beautiful, ridiculously cheap, and probably mad warm (all my Mackage coats are).

Another impractical stunner. The problem is that I'd always have to wear long, cozy sleeves or ridiculously long leather gloves. Wait ... how is that a problem?

I think the close up is enough. More houndstooth, big buttons, nuff said.

So those are my dream coats. If someone out there loves me, he or she will get me one. *wink, wink*