Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Needless to say, I'm a needy girl, meaning I need tons of shit in my closet to feel alright. Unfortunately, Ms. Atrack is on the broker side of things this Christmas, so supply is definitely not meeting demand. Let's pretend, though, that I actually had a mess of funds and could buy whatever I wished. Well, things would look a little something like ...

Moncler Georgia - This Moncler thing is becoming an addiction. For years, I shied away from the goose down coat for fear of reliving the school-aged days of the Triple Fat Goose and looking puffy. These, however, are gorgeous, well-fitting, and much too expensive. I need an Italian connection.

It's a bit cliche to like Prada, but seriously, the fall shoe collection is almost always some covetous pulchritude.

Chie Mihara Saigon Bow Boot - Chie Mihara is still my girl. Now that she's all popular and cavorting with the likes of Saks and Nordstrom, there'd be reason to believe she'd drop the ball. Not so. This boot is a beauty, and the line is still mad comfortable.

Mackage Nissa - Another favorite, Mackage, maker of all things stylish and warm redefining the puffer silhouette. Made for Canadian winters, this is perfect for a Chicago girl looking to avoid a case of the winter uglies. (Other Chicagoans, take note. Blue or black Sears parkas are not the move.)

Look From London Feather Tight - I love tights ... and feathers. This chick's shoes are a problem, but let's just focus on the tights.

Jeffrey Campbell Biz Bootie - It has been hell trying to find a short boot that isn't the run-of-the-mill cuffed or fold over stiletto look that's so popular nowadays. This is how it's done.

Gar-de Dolly Jacket - Animals are special in so many ways. They taste delicious, and they make wonderful things like metallic leathers with outrageously gorgeous details. Thank you, furry/leathery friends.

John Fluevog Helen - Fluevog has some of the most well-made and comfortable shoes around. If you ever find a sale on any pair, buy them. They're worth every penny.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Zip Glove - Last season, I fell in love with a pair of Burberry zippered, croc, opera length gloves and couldn't, of course, afford them. These somehow fill the empty space that was left by my penury.

Cinnamon Skirt (Modcloth) - The tulip skirt done correctly.

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