Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RUN SWEETBACK!!!! Blaxploitation Soundtracks Part I

IFC keeps playing Foxy Brown, Coffy, and Across 110th Street. (Would it kill them to play Friday Foster and Cleopatra Jones and the City of Gold?) Something about the opening strains of "Coffy is the Color" has thrust me into this blaxploitation soundtrack phase; I just can't shake it. And really, despite the varying quality of the films from this era (and the gorgeousness of the men, but that's another thread for another time), the soundtracks are almost universally good, some even stellar. Been surfing the nets hankering for 70s soul strings? This is your lucky day. I present some of the best taco meat n' polyester tracks from that good ole era.

Coffy -Roy Ayers
Coffy is the Color

Coffy Baby
Across 110th Street - JJ Johnson & Bobby Womack
Across 110th Street (Like everyone else, I love this damn song.)

Live Version w/ California Dreamin'

Black Caesar - James Brown
Down and Out in New York

Mama Feelgood w/ Lyn Collins

Foxy Brown - Willie Hutch (RIP, I love this man. In the vein of another of my favorites, Johnny Taylor, most of this man's material is that funky southern soul. This soundtrack may be my favorite of them all.)
Give Me Some of That Good Ole Love

Ain't That Mello (Mello)

Cleopatra Jones - JJ Johnson/Vocals Millie Jackson (Tamara Dobson didn't get enough credit for being a gorgeous woman. Anyway ...)
Main Theme

It Hurts so Good

Come Back Charleston Blue - My Main Man Donny Hathaway, overseen by Quincy Jones
Come Back Charleston Blue w/ Margie Joseph

Little Ghetto Boy

Tim's High

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