Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Couple of Things

True Blood is really fricking addictive, and I can't stop watching. Each week, I shake my head at Sookie Stackhouse's big-assed mouth and the shittiness of her brother's judgment, but do I stop tuning in? Nope. And this week has tethered me even tighter to this porn-cum-vampire drama. And real talk (pause) that girlfriend chick is a psycho. Jason, heed the word of the brother (in this case, Milton from Office Space); she ain't shit. Also ...


I just knew Sam was a shapeshifter. I also think he's a lycan (if that's possible), but that remains to be seen.

Second, Shoot 'Em Up, despite its mediocre reviews, was fucking fantastic. Non-stop action, ridiculously dope kills (he shots the shit out of about four dudes while "entertaining" Monica Bellucci) equal some shit I'd watch again. Thumbs way up!

Also, I don't mess with That shit is maaaaaaaaaaad boring. However, I'd like to send a shout out to Bob Sanders. Homeboy is fine ass frog hair, caucasian strands, and Italian cashmere.

Hello, mummy!

Lastly, for years I thought that Jewels (s, an essential addition to any store name) had abandoned making the frosted nut brownies that I had come to love over the years. I said eff it and learned to make my own. Come to find out (mmm hmm, I was gonna buy a birthday cake cuz I was feeling down. Fat girl emotions, fat girl solutions, my peeps) they had just been relocated to the freezer section. Good to know for future high-stress situations.

Umm .. please excuse my wanky font. PEMWF.

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