Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I REALLY Love Food, Bacon Especially

Perhaps the most appropriate post considering the name of my blog. I like food. I like eating it, watching shows about it, talking about it, and, sometimes, fixing it. I'm not too expressive, but the right meal can bring tears to my eyes. (See my post about the salted caramel cupcakes from More.) You see that blurry shot over there? That's a dancing bacon man ... on my arm. I don't regret it and I doubt I ever will. As a matter of fact, a cannibalistic cheeseburger and stick of butter on a throne will be joining him soon.

I figured I'd give bacon the place it deserves on my blog, center stage. See, it appears I am so not alone. The people love bacon. Apparently, there's this bacon frenzy all over the innanets. Who knew? Why not count the ways?

Bacon Extravaganza!!!!

There's a seasoning available to make anything taste like bacon. Now, how convenient is that? Honestly, is there anything that shouldn't?

The same company gives you the opportunity to smear it on your favorite sandwich in naise form. Really, these people are saints. And no worries for those who give not one muck, there is a full fat version.

Lazy? Too busy to bother with bacon yourself? No problem. There are robots who will shop and come to your house to fix it for you. Hilarious, but I'm not making this up. Go here and type in your zip code for an appointment.

Eating aside, I'm sure some of you have felt the need to be swaddled in bacon, to smell like it even. Here, my dears, is the answer to your dreams, a bacon-scented, bacon print tuxedo. A darn good price, only 100 bucks at Archie McPhee's.

Or maybe you'd rather luxuriate in pig in the privacy of your home. This too is possible. Chrischunski over at Etsy would love to accommodate you with this bacon-patterned scarf knit from merino wool.

Maybe you just wanna stay in the know. No problem. Bacon Today is an online magazine dedicated to daily musings about this magical meat. Stop by.


Natalie said...

I absolutely love that scarf. I have already told you how much I love your tattoo so i don't need to do it again. Bacon is easily one of my favorite veggie meats.

Dark Damian said...

God bless you and your love of bacon and fine bacon products. America loves your bacon patriotism.