Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wanted was Gooooood/ Diane von Furstenberg/Dries van Noten

Do you like unnecessarily violent films? I do. Gun play so pretty it's almost poetic? Yep. Bad-ass characters who adhere to a code so strict, they have to be fictional? Mm hmm.

On my brother's birthday, we (my mom, my brother, 75% of the Baker Boys, and I) went to see Wanted, and so far, this is the only movie giving Iron Man a run for its money. It had it all. An opening sequence that elicits surprised expletives, fantastic special effects, the archetypal training sequence, a hilarious protagonist who you want to root for, a great plot twist, and a final boss character worth fighting. Yeah, this movie straight exceeded my expectations. I may have to see it again.

Check the trailer


In other news, I'm broker than I've been in a while. As luck would have it, it is sale season, which means that God (gods) hates (hate) me. Diane von Furstenberg's S/S 2008 collection is my dream wardrobe, and it's on sale, yet I cannot purchase any of it.

All gorgeous, all unattainable.

However, being broke can't completely break my spirit, oh no. I went to the Nordstrom on Monday because my friend told me about the designer sale going down. Why did I get a pair of Dries van Noten pumps for two bones? Oh, happy, happy day!

Mine are mostly canvas and a tad bit lighter. I must say, I came up.

"See, Daddy, sinners have [sole] too."

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Natalie said...

Ok so this may sound strange but if you like unnecessary violence and you haven't seen the most recent Rambo movie please please do. It certainly isn't the best film but the last 30 minutes are unparalleled in destroying the human body in every way possible. It's truly awesome.