Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's Addicted © N.W.A.

So last time I talked about a gorgeous pair of Dries van Noten pumps I got for a stunningly low price and offered the best photo I could find to showcase them. Well ... those snatched-from-the Internet photos do no justice to the true beauty of my new favorite shoes (until the Marcello Toshis arrive, more on that later). Check the technique, suckers!

I'm wearing them as I type. Love is a new shoe.

Just recently, I discovered yet another designer that may usurp my beloved Chie Mihara, if they are as comfortable and well-made as reported. Just yesterday I spoke with my enabler, Rachel, and we discussed the inability of a girl obsessed to get a pair of Marcello Toshi shoes in this city. Fast forward to today. I'm minding my own, innocently searching the web for shoes, when I happen upon a pair for 80 percent off. I had to have them.

Check my soon-to-be-favorite shoes.

Aren't they fab?

I wanted the ones below, but they didn't have my size.

And I may just get these too.


Natalie said...

I like the ones you are getting the best. They are beautiful

atrackbrown said...

thanks nat.