Sunday, January 07, 2007

Aldi Rules!

So you all know that I've recently made this commitment to working out. Just a few posts ago, I had done extensive (?) research and had chosen my elliptical. Well, let me tell ya. I got a tip from a friend of a friend that Aldi had ellipticals, so, skeptically of course, I went, just to be judicious in my quest for health. So we (my colleague and I) get there, we see the elliptical. "Looks okay," we think. We hop on, just to get a "feel" for its effectiveness; "Feels okay," we think. Twenty minutes later we're loading a Jamz Fitness elliptical into the minivan care of Aldi, and get was only $179.99.

I know what you're all thinking. A one-hundred eighty dollar elliptical from Aldi can't be worth a damn. Hell, I was worried myself (I remember my completely Aldi-themed parties from childhood and feel a spot of shame that I was pissed that my mom didn't even bother to get "real" Twinkies, but I digress...), but after one increasingly frustrating night and one easy morning of putting the damned thing together (81 parts people, 81!) I feel more confident. Plus, the damned thing (what's with this 'damned'? am i a gruff caucasian man?) has a one year warranty; that's pretty good. Usually, shitty products that are doomed to fall to pieces have half-assed warranties somewhere along the 30 to 90 day mark. Even if it does miraculously stop working on the 366th day, I still will have paid way less than any gym membership anywhere. My friends, I came what they call the fuck up.

So in the spirit revering Aldi, I'm going to take some time to show you some of the great deals available from my German friends at locations around the globe. On the domestic tip, please know that you can get hella deals every day of the week. Though I'm disappointed in their recent price hike in eggs (now $1.09 a dozen), I got $8.00 easy to assemble book shelves that still hold the hell out of my crap to this day. Don't be fooled by the low prices, yo!

Check out Aldi UK. Aldi France is a delight as well. And Aldi Australia is the bomb! As of January 6, $15 shoes and computer desk/chair sets for $99; you've got to be kidding me.

Yep, good ole Aldi. You gotta love it. Soy milks, perhaps the best dry packaged cocoa mix, and ever present wine coolers, they have something for everyone--carnivores, vegans and everyone in between. Next week, Aldi US will have all sorts of bathroom fixtures and decoration on sale. If you're looking for a new faucet or shower head or maybe just a few decorative rugs, Aldi is your place. Oh, and for those who don't know, Trader Joe's and Aldi are owned by the same brothers; perhaps this will help remove some embarrassment (if you're snooty enough to have any) of shopping at Aldi.

*special thanks to my colleague for making all of this happen


Gary said...

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Steve said...

I recently purchased the same elliptical from craigslist and so far so good.. The one thing I was wondering was since I have no instructions I was wondering how you have the foot pads lined up on yours... Mine came with the left one all the way back and the right one all the way forward and it seems a bit off balance to me but I can't find instructions online. Does it have a specific way it's supposed to be set up or did you just set yours for comfort?

atrackbrown said...

I'm sorry, Steve, but I've since sold this elliptical to a friend and don't at all remember how I assembled the beast. Hopefully, you've gotten some guidance by now.

Douglas Morey
Sticks & Bricks

Wait, sold to a friend?! Is that a statement as to the quality of the elliptical, or just the time honored tradition of buying excersize equipment, being xarefule to not use it so it van properly appreciate in value, and then getting rid of it and wondering where that value went?