Sunday, October 22, 2006

I haven't felt like blogging, so I haven't. It kinda sucks that after only three days of commitment I've devolved into the querida of yore. that last sentence was too work intensive; using proper capitalization is extra work. i'm watching the texas chainsaw massacre under duress. on one hand, i love this movie (it reminds me of and the first two evil dead movies) and i enjoy watching it. on the other hand, i don't want tomorrow to come and the more i watch, the more time will pass, which will signal the end of this wonderful day of non-effort and the beginning of tomorrow's stress-filled uncertainty. plus, they (fuse n nem) keep cutting the gory details of the kills. hello! the movie has massacre in the title; i think we're entitled to some close-ups of bone chunks and human bits.

i've officially reached the point where i'm counting down to the end of this experience. it's been about seven weeks and i've been a properly restrained emotional blank, but these kids are getting on my nerves. there, i've said i guess i'm happy to be having an imperfect experience to prepare me for the undoubtedly more stressful two years ahead, but fuckems. i'll stop there; i feel a whining fit coming on and i hate whining.

back to leatherface though. he is really putting a hurtin' on these silly little hippies. he was a fantastic villian--dimwitted but creative, portly but swift--a real villain's villain. plus, he actually did things with the carcasses--lamps, sculpture, eats; he really had a knack for recycling. hats off to you leatherface!!! you were a true champ.

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Monica said...

You are a fine wordsmith, Querida. Damn whiny bitch.