Monday, October 16, 2006


so all you "people of color" will be glad to know that i set the race back about 210 years today. in my freshman english class, we started a unit on mythology today. eventually, the kids will have to present the mythology of certain cultures on their own, so i figured i'd do a little modelling. emulating the mammies of days past, i decided i'd have the kids crowd around while i read an uncle remus brer rabbit tale in, get this, southern dialect. that's right, good ole q read in her best southern slave voice as the chilluns (mostly caucasian, hispanic and asian) gathered round and marvelled at my ability to sound so "country." it was fun. maybe i'll fry chicken in class tomorrow.

okay, so i might be overreacting. i will say that i did feel a bit weird though.
so schmoe-digga and i went to macarthur's today. it was a lot nicer than i expected (the restaurant, i mean). i was ready to pull up to some ramshackle hole-in-the-wall with a dilapidated awning. instead, i found an oasis of rather attractive appearance serviced by tired women ready to girl bye me; i was quite surprised. all in all the experience was okay. some asshole who looked like preemo's slightly smarmy older brother took the last bbq ribs so i had to settle for the bbq chicken. it was tasty, but i can do just as well at home. the yams and macaroni were adequate; but again, i can do better. i will go back for the short ribs, though. i do love the short rib.


Monica said...

"Don't you dare to touch them rolls..."

Dude, I don't know if I'm roo amused to be disappointed or too disappointed to be amused. Am I glad I wasn't there to witness this or do I wish I had been? Damn. You went to MacArthur's without me. Let's go to Hot Doug's on Friday. I'll get you a post birthday order of duck fat fries.

Tamar said...

I can't believe you read like a slave in class! What the F? Poor kids probably went home and recanted the story to their parents who will likely show up at school on parent-teacher day to see what you look like. after that stunt, they'll expect to see you in a scarf, matching housecoat and slippers. but just to redeem yourself, you should mock other nationalities so that its fair. way to go, ms. ellis!! haha...

Natalie said...

I am rolling on the floor. I have seen you shuck and jive but in front of the unknowing children? I am shocked. It's really funny though. I hope they know it's funny.