Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sci Fi Wednesday - (Veggie DAY NINE)

Nothing to report on the food front today; I'm eating leftovers for lunch and egg salad for dinner.

I'm more so in the mood for science fiction. Yesterday, while out enjoying the 60 degree weather, I finally read "All You Zombies" by Robert Heinlein. Tomorrow, I'm attending my first Think Galactic book club meeting. I hope it goes well. This morning, there was a Friday the 13th - The Series marathon on. Despite my penury, I'm feeling pretty great. The universe is randomly making my life a bed of fluffy, buttered rolls right now.

Now despite my love for the sci fi genre, I'm not exactly well read. (I've never finished Dune!!!) I have favorite authors, books, stories, and I reread them, over and over. It's really hard for me to step outside of my preferences and give new people/stories a chance, so I've decide to embark on a reading tour of the genre, entitled "WOOOOOooooOOOOO..." (Imagine my hands waving in front of your eyes in a menacing manner.)

This is the most accessible list of sci fi short stories on the web, so I shall go by this. Of the 100, I've only read 14, which leaves me 86 (Square one!!!!!). I can do this y'all. Since I still have to finish the book for tomorrow's meeting and read The Watchmen before the movie premiere, I'm not starting til Friday. Update then.

(Anybody wanna do this with me? Just drop a line.)

Let me take the time, though, to extoll the virtues of "Jeffty Is Five." It is an amazing, amazing short story. The kind of thing that forces you to care about the characters, and finds you cursing at the pages. Good stuff.


Monica said...

count me in on the sci fi journey. do you actually OWN shatterday?

Natalie said...

I am certainly down but I have a feeling not all of those books are sci-fi...Flowers for Algernon?

I can't believe you have never finished Dune, but my 8 billion readings of it should cancel out your non reading.

atrackbrown said...

monica - yep, i own shatterday, found it used.

natalie - it's a user's poll, so people were kinda loose with the categories. i have a feeling anything that falls into the fantasy, horror or sci fi realm was included.

so should i decide what we read first or do y'all wanna do it?

tuscanb said...

Flowers for Algernon was amazing ...

On food - Trader Joes has some incredibly tasty vegan gyoza and fried rice. Great option on a day you don't feel like actually cooking ...