Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yep, It's Here

Fall, bay-bee. It's creepin' up on us like parking lot rapists. As a Chicagoan, I've got to accept that we'll soon be knee deep in slush and misery, so I may as well lubricate the esophagus with retail to swallow the bitter pill.

As is customary for a person with my interests and problems, there must be at least two coat purchases this fall, but what and from where exactly? Ahhh ... let the mighty shower of wool, big buttons, and zippers begin!!!!

A slew of Soia & Kyo creations, all highly coveted, all just cheap enough to be bought. I'm telling you ladies, if Mackage or your other favorite coat designer is on that BS pricing jive, S & K gotchu, boo, trust. *solemn face* Peep the loveliness below and tell me that you can't envision yourself frolicking through the rough Chicago winter in one of these. Huh? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!

Sonia Rykiel's diffusion line ain't all crap. This coat is just plain adorable, especially for those of you who are afraid of real color and desire to visit the dry cleaners a lot. It sounds like I'm hating, but that can't be helped. I do like this coat despite my tone.

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And lastly, a beautiful confection of brightness and buttons. Orange remains my favorite color, and the fashion industry's insistence on purple can suck it. By the way, it's TIBI.

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shelia said...

I'm so glad I live in the south. My leather coat is all I need for when we get a cold spell this winter. The cold spells hardly ever last long.

24X7ShopGirl said...

I'm glad I found another Soia & Kyo fan!