Friday, March 21, 2008

Breaking News - The Boys/The Suns of Light

Yes, The Boys, of "Dial My Heart" fame, are the focus of this particular entry.

Walk with me, back to the past, say 1988, when I was young and fresh-faced and totally in love with this new boy band aptly (and perhaps too simply) named The Boys. There were four of them, and though they were all talented, I reserved my girlish, squealing love for the second oldest, Hakim. (I watched Ernest Goes to Camp a million times just to see him sing "Gee, I 'm Glad It's Raining".) The Abdulsamad bothers were such a big deal for a minute that having their white tape with you guaranteed instant friendship with other adolescent girls. I recall showing up to a birthday party with tape in hand and causing a frenzy. For the rest of the party, we all gathered around the stereo and screamed and screamed.

In 1998, when I dropped out of school to move to Atlanta with my rap group (mmm hmm, you read correctly), I stumbled upon an article on my lost loves in Creative Loafing, Atlanta's version of The Chicago Reader. Apparently, they had moved to Gambia, grown locks, and were now performing as The Suns of Light. I was intrigued, but didn't pursue this further.

Today (in 2008), I'm on YouTube looking for older R&B hits from the 80's and who do I stumble upon? Hakeem and Tajh!!!!! Dude, they turned out cute. I figured that I had to blog about this, just in case some other old ass thirty year old was out there reminiscing about The Boys. Why these reminisces occur in ten-year intervals, I don't know. Something about completeness and order, I presume, but nevermind the esoteric stuff, enjoy these strapping fellas, ladies.

Fun facts:

Hakim is reportedly releasing his solo album this year. I'm all over it.

Also, he wrote "Mama Africa" from Akon's Konvicted album.

The Boys then
"Lucky Charm" from Messages From the Boys

Performing "Dial My Heart" on Oprah

Them now
Hakeem with the Gambian youth (yute):

Hakeem doing "shout outs"

Tajh greeting the people

The Suns in Gambia

On some non-lechery, they look really happy. Much success, fellas. (And for those of you reading this, support them.)


Monica said...

doin' it with the b. find it. post it.

dude, that was lauren't 5th grade birthday party. you stole her thunder when she got that al b. sure tape. we liked the boys better. also i remember purposefully staying home from school so i could watch oprah that day they were on.

Nikki said...


I stumbled upon your blog and am glad to know that I am not the only one who used to scream around the stereo while playing my "Messages From the Boys" Tape! LOL

I still think I'm the only one who got the black beat off my behind for running up my mama's phone bill to almost $1k from dialing 1-900-909-BOYS! But those days are LOOOONG gone... thank goodness!

Well, now that you've been re-acquainted with them, check out the music they've made since leaving Motown and moving to Mama Africa (yeah, Hakim wrote that hit for Akon)

They grew up to be some fine men, didn't they?

Anywho...they're on MySpace

And you can take a listen to some of their tunes here:

You can also buy their music here:

One love,

Hakim's Baby Mama

Ok, j/k I don't even know him nor is he my baby's daddy LOL


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Im am a 31 year old woman that used to loooooovvvvvveeeee the boys...My room was a shrine of The boys posters..When the boys came out I had the tape but I bought several others because I played the other ones out...I taped oprah, soul train, apollo, and all the other show that they were on....I also thought that I was going to marry Hakim and live happily ever after..Im so happy that they are doing there thing in Gambia they seem soooo happy..I do miss those days...I knew every dance step and back yall know yall did too...they should come back for a show here I would go

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) take a look that emo boy style over this blog:

Dani D. said...

Yes I was like WHAT when I found this out myself...The Boys were my favorite...I listened the their record...well damn I listen to it today( yeah I know its a damn shame) I loved the music

Anonymous said...

I was and still am the biggest the boys fan. I ran our phone bill up to 400 dollars calling that 1-900-909-the boys also. I wanted to be the 5th member of the group.does anybody remember when they were on fun house for a whole week? I sure do miss those days.