Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raheem "dervaughn" DeVaughn

Yeah, okay so I haven't blogged since whenever. So what? Get off mine.

Anyway, I have inspiration today. I finally got around to getting Raheem's new album (Love Behind the Melody for the slow and google-less) and cutesy witty shit aside, this is it. It's my album pick for 2008. Can't nuthin' top this. (Double negatives are needed to express my pleasure.)

Now never mind that I have this ... thing, for him. (I'm carefully avoiding being nasty here.) That falsetto is no punk but barring my perversions, this shit knocks. Fellas? You will have no problems with ladies, not no mo'. Ladies? Turn this shit on and go for delf (as Meth would say). It's that good.

I've completely lost my need to ramble and do written flips and shit. This is all I got. Buy the damn album. Eleven tracks deep and not one dud, not a one. Me? I bought it on iTunes and I'm getting a "real" copy.

A few teasers for the people.


In other news, I've hella papers to grade for grade entry and CPS is treating me like I gave her mama a pearl necklace on film. I live to serve. So what's new?

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