Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis -The Soundtrack of My Childhood - Parte Deux

So, let us continue our look at my favorite producers of all time. I've already sung the praises of their work with Alex, but what about his partner in crime, Cherrelle? She was featured on some super memorable duets with him. "Innocent" and "Never Knew Love Like This" were both featured in the first Jimmy and Terry post, but there was also "Saturday Love," a song I've spent so many evenings and weekends singing in my room I can't even tell you. This song also became my and Monica's signature karaoke song during the JFY years. We'd switch roles every performance; first I was Alex, then Cherrelle, and so on.

This tiny little thing had a big voice, orange hair, and hella bangers. Her first album, Fragile (fruh-GIL-lay [just kidding]) featured the title track (a jam) and "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" (which should not have ever been remade). High Priority, the second album, contained the classic "Saturday Love" and "You Look Good To Me." Affair, which is super out of print, had "Everything I Miss at Home." All very perfunctorily listed, I know, but the point is, she had hits and I'm not sure everyone knows that. If you don't, get schooled.

Just like Alex, Cherrelle is still doing her thing, so do support. If she happens to come to the Star Plaza, make that move. Old school concerts are always the best.


"I Didn't Mean To Turn You On"
The Video

"Saturday Love"

"You Look Good To Me"

"Everything I Miss at Home"

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