Tuesday, May 08, 2007

That's It, That's All

No more classes
No more books
No more teachers' dirty looks

That's right, dear reader (otherwise known as Monica); I'm done with school. I stayed up late last night typing/writing (yes, at once; i'm quite the procrastinator) my last paper. It's over and done. I am officially done with school. I may never go back. No more degrees.

Graduation is Friday, but of course I won't be attending. I'll be torturing other students who are all too ready for summer break.

If you stumble across my page, PayPal some money to me. Negroes are super broke.

I'm feeling good people. Can you feel it?


Natalie said...

Much congratulations. If you liked people I would invite you out for a drink to celebrate. But you don't so I won't.

Monica said...

Hooray Q! I'm glad it's over. When can I come get that dress?

Anonymous said...

though i'm not monica, i will offer congratulations, as this is a major life moment! perhaps we should celebrate? milk and cookies at the crib?

atrackbrown said...

perhaps we should celebrate, but it'll have to wait until school's out.

we'll get smashed and high and really full of tasty treats.

stay tuned ...