Thursday, May 10, 2007

Creepy Update

Remember this post. Yeah, well I was leaving my classroom the other day and got a nice reminder of my creep factor. My department, the English department, was down the hall commiserating and generally debriefing after a day of dealing with unruly students. (Everyone--all the teachers, administrators, support staff, and students-- is so done with this school year. Let it end already.) So, I walk out of my classroom and I look down the hall, as I am prone to do whenever I exit a room. They all looked up and got silent.

My creepiness strikes again, my pretties.

Also, I've realized that I attract the "strange" kids. Each teacher attracts a core group of youngsters who gravitate toward them for some reason or other. Well, for the past couple of weeks, my classroom has been hosting the "strange" kids, the ones who read manga, learn Japanese, write poems about vampires, darkness or any other morbid topic, and wear all black. I love it. One kid is filming the prelude to The Evil Dead with his friends. Awesome! We all know The Evil Dead is like my favorite movie! Long live weirdos, man. It's so good to know that there's a new crop of awesomely weird awesomes just waiting to take over when my friends and I are done.


Monica said...

Dude, I had to be the weird kid all by myself at my school where I was at my WEIRDEST. I only had you on days I ditched. At least I wasn't weird enough to have an imaginary friend like you did though... until I showed up and proved I was real. Why didn't we ever do anything like shoot a film? All we did was make comic strips that no one saw except us.

Rodrigo said...

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atrackbrown said...


I know, I know. This is a new day. Weird kids travel in packs now, and they're shipped out to each school so that every location has a nice pool of 'em. I don't know why we never made a film. I can vouch for laziness on my part, but I can't speak for you.


Okay. Custom made t-shirts. That's really all I got. Can we do that again in English?

Chanda said...