Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got My Netflix Wii Streaming Disc

It came on friday. So far, it's pretty cool.

Formerly, I was using PlayOn with my Wii and Patriot Box Office (buggy in the latter case) in the bedroom and Boxee on my PC in the living room to stream Netflix movies.

The streaming disc beats the PlayOn interface hands down for a couple of reasons:

  • More control over the rewind/fast-forward functions. They actually work, are much faster, and allow you to move to points far along in the movie without hanging. Now the movie will rebuffer, but I'm not too bothered by that.
  • Your instant queue display is more attractive and, in most cases, more convenient. In PlayOn, you have to browse movie by movie, which is time consuming if your have a large queue. With the disc, the movies are displayed with a scrolling bar below them which allows you to go movie by movie or move from beginning to end quickly.
  • Navigation is quicker. You don't have to navigate through a million icons and folders to get to the movies. They're pretty much on the main screen.
  • You can browse movies that aren't in your queue. I thought you could do this with PlayOn, but people are listing this feature as something new, so I guess it must be.
Setup is very easy:
  1. Pop the disc into your Wii and note the activation code.
  2. Go to on your computer and login to your Netflix account.
  3. Enter the activation code from your tv screen into the box in your Netflix account.
  4. Done.
So far, so good. Go to if you need one. They're free and don't have to be sent back. Also, the selection is cool if you want to watch older movies/shows or wanna discovered a few gems here or there; hell, I haven't gotten an actual disc in the mail since April of last year. Happy streaming.

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