Friday, February 19, 2010

I Feel Kinda Guilty, But...

1. Gucci Group's decision to keep the McQueen label alive despite the loss of his singular and unique creative mind is the dumbest decision in life. I get that Alexander had faith in his team and Gucci wants to continue building on the momentum the brand has gained, but no one is Alexander McQueen, has his mind, or can do what he does. Shut it down.

2. This may be a bit incendiary, but I think there should be strict segregation between the childless and child-having.

For a few months now the apartment below us has been vacant, which was fine with us. Just last week, however, some earnest brotha(ahhhh!) damn near sprinted up the stairs to greet Schmoses, I guess to initiate a preemptive strike for the bomb he was about to drop ... on our quiet, single, childless lives. So last night, in the middle of enjoying my swank media setup, I hear this bumping and running and screaming, sorta like an clan of blind dragons were break-dancing downstairs.

"What the hell is THIS?"

Turns out our new neighbors have a gaggle of loud, boisterous, perpetually moving children who like to scream and laugh at things, particularly at ten thirty at night. (Correct me, parents, but shouldn't your kids be in bed by this time?) It's terrible.

I don't have children and I don't want any, so CLEARLY I don't want to hear yours at all hours of the day (and night). And it's not like we can do anything about it. You can't tell parents to martial law their children into silence; they'll end up stupid and without spirit.

So here I am, in the apartment I thought was perfect, trapped.

Parents, if you have a shitload of kids, move into an unattached residence.


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