Sunday, January 03, 2010


i've noticed that i have some followers. that's amazing. let me thank you all for entertaining my attempts at being entertaining.

moving on, my new semi-obsession is home entertainment technology. after snagging an old (free!) laptop from the j-o, i gained some knowledge, fixed it, and decided to trick out my home entertainment options. i bought a router and created a network and am now trying to figure out the best way to stream content from all computers to all televisions in the house.

the easiest way would be to cop (are we noticing all the mid-90s hip hop lingo? word? word.) the new wi-fi vizio. (vizio does mean value and all.) i just bought a new set, have two more months to return it, and the SV422XVT comes out this month. i could just return my set and pay the (very small) difference. it has a QWERTY bluetooth-enabled remote. have you seen it? crazy!


of course i could just get an xbox 360 or playstation 3 and use either as a media extender, but i would never ever use them for gaming, so it seems like a waste.

there are other media extension options like the Western Digital TV Live device, which looks pretty sweet, but a cursory look at the reviews reveals unreliable software and a limited interface. plus, there's no netflix and my bedroom tv and computer aren't close enough to connect via cables.

what are my other options? any ideas out there?


oh, and on the random tip (see!), let me implore you to consider costco, sam's club, or walmart for your hdtv purchases. they all have 90-day return policies and in addition, costco doubles the manufacturer's warranty and offers concierge service.

also, do not buy your hdmi cords in stores. they are ridiculously overpriced there. use monoprice or parts express for all your inexpensive but reliable cables needs. there's also meritline, but i've never ordered from them.


Natalie said...

The Ps3 is cheaper than most blu-ray players out there so I am a fan of it, even if you aren't a gamer. Then again, since I am one, I think it is super incredibly awesome. Although the new TV seems pretty freaking sweet.

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