Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoes Glorious Shoes Pt. 1

So I've told you which coats to buy (me), now it's time for the shoes. Shoes are muy importante. They can turn an alright outfit into gold. They can make the most boring person slightly interesting. Yes, the shoes say it all (well ... they do say a lot). Below is a list that explains why I shall be eating curds and whey for the next six months. They're worth it.

First up is a shoe by my favorite new shoe designer, Chie Mihara. These are the very first that I decided to covet for the fall season. I'm sure you can see why. I mean, it's a mary jane (check), suede (check), and in that heavenly color. Best of all, they are guaranteed to be comfortable since Ms. Mihara's shoes always are.

Next up is a hideously expensive Prada heel that, paradoxically, is much cheaper than I thought it would be. This means, of course, that I will have them. I ... love ... them. The ombre coloring from black to orange is very Samhain but very necessary. The heel is fantastic. And can't you just imagine these with a thick winter tight and a layered sweater dress/turtleneck look?

Yet another entry from ole Chie. Their name is Oliver. They will be intimately acquainted with my feet soon. (That sounds so nasty and that's bad nasty not good nasty.) See how they shine?

Just cute for no reason. That ankle cuff? That asymmetrical strap? That's right, magic. I've always wanted a pair of Sigerson Morrisons. They look so comfy and precious. I'm thinking something more teacherly with these. Perhaps a check-patterned straight skirt and cardigan with exaggerated buttons.

Okay, so these are mad hobo, but I love them. These could easily carry my streamlined Oxford professor look. You know, turtleneck, sweater vest, cords, and blazer or tartan plaid trousers and argyle v-neck. God! I love thinking of outfits. U Roads makes these, and I've never heard of them, but they sure do have a winner on their hands.

And finally yet another pair of Chie Miharas. (I'm telling you, people, she's the truth.) Not much to say except that these are cute and my bright tights will love them.

These, ladies and gents, are my shoes picks for fall 07 ... so far. There will be more, so stay tuned. My consumerism knows no bounds.


Monica said...

i'll be getting 5 and 6. this is the risk you run by putting up pictures and tying in descriptors. 5 will be awesome with my black mc hammer pants.

Natalie said...

I am a huge fan of 1 and 2 but will be getting neither. As much as I love shoes curds and whey sounds foul.